New player looking for acquaintances

I just started playing Fallen London yesterday. I really like the game so far, but none of my friends seem too terribly interested in it. I’d like to take advantage of all the social things Fallen London has to offer, but I need people to socialize with first, and maybe a few people to help answer some questions.

My in-game name is the same as my username here: Zoopidoop. I thank you if you can help a new arrival to the Neath find their legs. Or tentacles. Or whatever might be the correct walking appendages.

Hello delicious friend! I too know the frustration of not having many to engage in social actions with (and of quiet forums when seeking aid for such!). My profile is linked in my signature here on the forums, please do feel free to contact a one Luka J. Novak for aid~

Greetings, delicious friend. Would be happy to help in regards to social actions, and I can probably answer many early game questions. My FL profile is linked down below or on my forum profile, feel free to send a calling card.