New Player; Having Some Difficulty


I’ve been playing Fallen London for around a week now, and I’ve come across a few things that have stopped me in my tracks. It’s worth noting that I’m playing on the iOS version. I don’t know if that changes anything.

First of all: the whole situation with The Last Constable. I met with her once, but it’s stuck at 1 because I have Family and Law (at 1). I saw someone else had this problem, but it didn’t really clarify how to fix it. I can’t advance with the storyline even though it’s an option both on Ladybones Road and in Veilgarden (I think, for the Cheery Man).

The second is that I accepted the On the Trail of the Cheesemonger story from the Local Gossip, but I accidentally hit &quotnext&quot or something and I didn’t catch where to continue the case. I’ve looked everywhere, including Mrs. Plenty’s and the Forgotten Quarter, but I can’t figure out how to continue it. It’s at 1 as well.

The last thing is that I was wondering if there’s currently any way to switch between playing the browser version and iOS version. It seems there’s no email associated with the iOS version, and I can’t figure out how to change that, if there is a way.

Other than that, I’m really enjoying myself! I’ll have to go on the forums more so I can do things that require another person.

Hello there, my friend. Welcome to Fallen London!

Both &quotThe Last Constable&quot and &quotOn the Trail of the Cheesemonger&quot are continued via Opportunity Cards you can draw. They both appear rather frequently.

EDIT: In case you were unaware, Opportunity Cards are on another tab for the iOS app of Fallen London on all of the regular story pages, where you choose your actions. You get 1 every 10 minutes, with a maximum of 6 in a full deck.
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That explains a lot; I had two opportunity cards, used them, and haven’t gotten a single one since! Do you know if there’s any way to fix this?

EDIT: My residence allows two, but I have zero. This would also explain why I can’t figure out pickpocketing.
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Have you synced? Thats the only thing I can think of.

Opportunity Cards refresh once every 10 minutes, just like your energy/candle. You can either spend fate to gain 6 cards instantaneously, or wait it out.

And just as suinicide said above, be sure to sync your progress often.

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I’ve synced several times. I’ve only gotten two opportunity cards ever in the whole week or so of playing. I’m sensing that something’s wrong with my game here. I’ll have to look into sending a bug report, I guess?

EDIT: Thanks for everyone’s help. It doesn’t seem like this is something that can be addressed through the forum, but at least I know it isn’t normal now.
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I’m not using the iOS version, so excuse me if this should be rather stupid advice, but: in the browser version you have to tap on your deck to actually draw cards when your hand is empty. Have you tried doing that?

Apologies if the app works totally different but it’s something that immediately came to mind when I read your post…

Oh my god. That’s so embarrassing. I genuinely did not know I had to do that. I just did and two opportunity cards appeared. Thanks so much!

I already sent a helpdesk ticket, too. Oops.

Nothing to worry about, glad I could help! :) And here’s a thread specifically for new players and their myriad questions: The Young Turks Club

Welcome, delicious friend! Regarding cross-platform play, I vaguely recall a way to associate an email with an account after creation. I don’t think it should be possible to create an account without any association, though - looking at the app it wants either an email or a connection with a Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. All of those login methods can be used for the browser version as well.
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Does the iOS app have a walkthrough? It seems cards aren’t as intuitive as in the browser version.

Maybe there should be a new player trouble shooting thread? As in, having trouble? Try checking or doing these thing first.

In theory that would be a nice idea. In practice, it would result in one long thread 100 pages or however long, as each new player encounters the same issue but doesn’t want to read through the aforementioned 100-or-so pages to check that it hasn’t been asked already. :-)
As opposed to how it currently is where someone can find a thread about a similar topic and add their contribution, regardless whether they’re new or not.

(Don’t mean to shoot you down, because it’s not inherently a bad suggestion. I just have a feeling that even with the forums as they are, having a new player troubleshooting thread isn’t going to work as well as one might hope.)

I haven’t seen the iOS user interface, but this is the second thread I’ve seen about a very enthusiastic new iOS user who had no idea that the opportunity deck existed. This sounds like a UI problem.

Maybe I should have specified: not thread, but post. As in, don’t post if you’ve problems, just read this thread first :) completely agree that a thread would probably be more of a bother to police.

As someone who discovered Fallen London through the new iOS app, I would have to agree the interface could be a bit confusing at first. I, too, did not know of the existence of Opportunity Cards until after I played the browser version, heh.

Yeah, while the always (storylets) and sometimes (cards) tabs fit thematically it isn’t immediately evident as to how it works. Likewise the inventory page defaults to qualities, which I’d imagine makes equipment and item conversions and such harder to discover.

The thing is, I did know about them, but I didn’t know how to refresh them. Now that I’ve figured it out, I’ve been enthusiastically using them all day.

As far as a new player thread, I agree that it would be too difficult to sort through everything. I was hesitant to create a thread, because I know sometimes it’s poor forum etiquette to do so, but I did try pretty hard to figure this out before coming here.

I really want to try playing with the browser version, but I need to figure out what account I signed up with.