New player--any tips?

Hello! New(ish) player here! Anyone have any tips around how to play? I’m getting more into the game, but I’m a little unclear on how to deal with the social aspects, and I would also love to hear how people prefer to play this game!

I think wiki is helpful(too much detail, though).And referring to social, as a noob,I am sorry ,I dont know.

Well, you’ll want to “make your name” in the four main branches – which is also a way of uncovering your preferred style of play and character. Lounge lizard or no-nonsense scientist? Doughty warrior or sneaky spy? The four early areas of the game each focus on one, so explore what appeals.
People use the social aspects in various ways. One is for help in reducing menaces, which build up willy-nilly as you play. You may share the benefit, or not, depending on the other player’s preference; sometimes a visit to the menace areas can be the goal.
If you find that one quality is not advancing as you might want, maybe because it doesn’t appeal, find a mentor to help boost those stats – ask on the thread here.
Some cards provide options to approach other players with, e.g. cat boxes or boxes generally. It’s something that works really well with a regular partner.
Exchanging cards opens up more social options, and a certain number of acquaintances may be required to progress to a particular status.
Some players are very much into the role playing aspect, and relationships with other characters may last for months or years, using letters or cards providing gifts or other benefits. Some qualities are best (or even can only be) built up with the help of others.
Welcome to the Neath!
Karoline Heidenreich


I recommend creating a second character (often referred to as an “Alt”) using a different email address. Then, use social interactions with this Alt to reduce the menaces of your main character and vice- versa. This Alt can be used for other basic social interactions as well. This is easier and simpler than finding other players for these basic (low-level) social interactions. Of course, if you value the social interactions with other players, then, by all means, engage in those type of activities.

Oooh awesome! Thank you! This helps a lot!

Oooh this is genius!