New Player - Any delicious friends willing to help

Hi, I’m new to the game and, quite frankly, don’t know what I’m doing. Would appreciate friends who are playing the game as well.

Well, what are you confused about? Part of the fun is figuring out the game world on your own.

Well met delicious new friend! Most of us, when we first venture in the 'Neath, are quite unsure of what we’re doing. Getting the hang of it, you see, for me at least, means not minding the not knowing!

There are a variety of directories available, you can find their posting in the Singing Mandrake, of lovely Londoners who don’t mind giving a helping hand, hearing a tale, or even providing a few, discrete, services.

Welcome again delicious one, do not hesitate to call!


I’m looking for friends too! Someone to help me with my nightmares.

To be honest, I don’t even know how to add friends there. (I feel rather stupid, actually). How do you add friends that are not on the social networks?

Many thanks for all the reply!


Sadly, you don’t. I wish they’d add an option to do so.

Sadly, I have gone quite mad from my nightmares. :(
Happy to help as soon as I’m out of Bedlam.

Thanks for the replies.

But why is that I sometimes see the ‘invite’ link on the picture and sometimes don’t? I have a Facebook friend playing and I can’t add her as one of my friends. And, does this mean I have to invite people into the social networks before I can get play with them?

Oh, insanity is horrible. I just got myself out of there after I got myself in via the mirror in the carnival. (I really don’t know what I’m doing).

To answer the first question, there are two types of social action cards. If a card mentions finding someone from the surface, that is an invitation you can send to one of your friends WHO DOES NOT ALREADY PLAY in order to join the game. Other social actions, such as the ones available at your lodgings, allow you to do certain things like get second chances or reduce menaces, by interacting with friends of yours who DO play.

To answer the latter question, yes: You need to invite someone into your social network to play. This also means that your facebook friend who’s playing is already one of your friends! Do be warned, however, that there’s a chance they may not show up as a name you know when you’re using the social actions. Generally, the name they show up as is their twitter or facebook name, but sometimes it’s a little wonky if someone’s changed their name. Only way I’ve found to know for sure is to have them send you a link to their profile (You can get your link from the “me” tab"), check their in-game name, then use the “My Friends” tab to find their player name, and then see what they’re also listed as. So, if it says something like “Player Name (Soandso)”, you’ll be looking for Soandso in your list of friends when sending out requests.

Unfortunately, the friends function of the game is quite clunky, and is one of the few negative points the game has.

I’m brand spanking new. Only a couple days out. My twitter is @Sam7ii. Feel free to add :)

Feel free to add me via twitter @ShiannShelton

I am also new and would like friends for social actions @deemitka