New Items in Mr Chimes' Lost and Found!

[color=#ff3366]An Exceptional Update: New Items in the Lost and Found[/color]
[/color][color=#ff3366]Many stories have been released since Exceptional Friends were given access to Mr Chimes’ Lost and Found two years ago, and so today we’re expanding the selection of equipment and companions available at this exclusive corner of the Bazaar.[/color]
[/color][color=#ff3366]These additions will allow you to reacquaint yourself with legendary urchin Johnny Croak, friend to frogs and scourge of Mr Fires; to promenade about town in a very radical paisley suit; and to obtain a (possibly) cursed gemstone of your very own.[/color]
[/color][color=#ff3366]In total, five new items of equipment have been added, inspired by Exceptional Stories released since the Lost and Found was first opened. In addition to their stat boosts, each of these items also opens up a new option somewhere within Fallen London.[/color]
[/color][color=#ff3366]Purchases in Mr Chimes’ Lost and Found are made with Memories of a Tale, a special currency earned by finishing Exceptional Stories. These new additions are available now.[/color]
[/color][color=#ff3366]We hope you enjoy, Delicious Friends![/color]

I’m glad to see this, I’ve been hoping this would happen for a while! And of course, always great to see more of Johnny Croak.

Has anyone found the various options? I’m having a tough time deciding, but I might grab the boots if no one else does. I assume Johnny has something related to his now-availability for assassination services.

ooh, this is exciting. I have been wondering how to spend, and TBH all the equipment looks like rubbish. I have been considering a lab assistant and finally have enough!

I bought the sapphire. I played the relevant story and it’s actually a boost. A couple more months now if I want a new companion.

A boost during or after playing the story?

Buying it as a home comfort gives me a shadowy equipment boost.

Unlike most items for sale, which are worse than my current equipment.

Completely misunderstood the message, thanks!