New-ish player looking to socialise!

Hello all!

I’ve been playing for a good few months now as i’ve fallen in love with this game. I realised that I hadn’t made any friends and i’m not able to do most of the social actions, so I figured that signing up here would be a good start. I’m Quicksilverisma in-game too, and have achieved my POSI status as of yesterday! :)

Posting a link to your profile somewhere would probably help with that :P

Ah, right. Not sure of the precedents here.

There we go!

Some people (myself included) include their profile link in a forum signature. It’s optional, of course, but means you don’t need to type it out again later. It’s especially helpful for those with forum names different to their character names. :-)

My fallen london name is the same as my username here, and I would love to join you!