New interaction at Mutton Island

I had an interaction with some sort of a snake monster as a SAY event at Mutton Island. Passing an Iron check to kill it gave me some Harlot-fry. Has it happened to anyone else yet? If so, what may be the use of the Harlot-fry?

I got some Harlot-fry, but I haven’t found anyone or anywhere that wants them yet.

Labyrinth of tigers, in london, will buy them off you.

Is the Labyrinth in Sunless Sea? I haven’t seen any sign of it.

Just on the face of things, I’m assuming you’d have to do something with the Isle of Cats to open up the Labyrinth – in which case, if I recall your previous posts correctly, you’re not going to ever get it…

I did open up the Isle of Cats and managed to get the item for the Scholar into London without any trouble but I use the walk in the Garden option and don’t smuggle honey but I will if it opens up something new :)

I think it might only be there for new captains? Haven’t seen an interaction that seems to lead there for older saves.[li]

The new SAY event is called A castaway and it is available in Mutton Island and Whither. Thanks to this topic, I’m currently updating it on the wiki. For those who are curious, check here.

Labyrinth of tigers will be open ONLY if you have at least a Captain dead at Zee.
Retirement and other ending conditions don’t work, i don’t know if it’s working as intended, but it seem a little odd behavior to me…

It very easy to &quotfix&quot your current savegame fortunately…

I killed my captain off at sea just to trigger this and I don’'t have anything. I got killed by Mount Nomad, did I need to die some other wat?

It’s an old savegame? Sell all your fuel and go out, choose to abandon ship and die at zee.

Still not getting it… Although my old captain got killed by hull destroyed, not abandoning ship… I need to abandon ship or is there some other trigger? Frustrating…