New Game Hanging at Captain's Making

Hi there everyone,

Sunless Sea seemed like a really interesting game from having read about it. I don’t normally follow early access games but this had me intrigued.

However, when starting a new game the everything loads and appears to run but I can’t seem to click anything on the captain’s making screen…

Am I missing something really obvious, is this an un-implemented feature that I need to work around or ignore or is this a genuine problem I appear to be having?

Any help would be appreciated as I’m looking forward to dipping a toe in the zee!

edited by Dicky on 7/9/2014

Hey there, dont worry. Everyone has the bug now if they have updated the game to the latest version. It sucks but it gets hopefully fixed soon. As soon as it fixed i wish you good luck on the Zee ;)

Ah well that explains it!

It seemed very confusing as all the tool tips worked, I could move the opening page about but couldn’t actually click off that pop-up window and actually do anything!

Thanks for the quick response as that was proving to be a real head scratcher.

I think I’ve got the same thing here. Really annoying as my character died just yesterday! Now I can’t play, boo!

Rest assured that you are not the only one of us afflicted by this troublesome turn of events.

Many are indeed affected myself included, hopefully a fix is soon. Its still quite early in the morning, I assume they have to get to work first? Are they on est or west coast?

They rolled back the patch. If it doesn’t auto-update, restart Steam.

Failbetter are in the UK, so it is early afternoon at the moment.

They are in fact in Greenwich, I believe, where time comes from, so it’s even more the early afternoon for them than for anyone else.

Annoyingly enough, the &quotgo&quot button seems to work for me, but when I hit &quotcontinue&quot, it fails to pass me to a lot of screens. For example, when returning to London and receiving harbormaster messages.

Anyone else having this issue?
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[color=#009900]Sorry all! We rolled back, fixed, rolled out again. If anyone’s still having problems, drop us a line at Thanks![/color]

Okay, so it’s safe to update now?

Thank you for the notice.