New formatting options

Hi folks! We’ve enabled some additional formatting tags. Here’s how to use them:


You can now use sizes 1-9 to create e.g. headers. Please be sparing and responsible in their use!
(i.e. don’t write whole posts in huge text.)

[size=5]Test of font size.[/size]

The following will make text size 1;

[small]small text here[/small]


You can use different types of font. Web safe fonts will work. Again, please be sparing to ensure readability - leave most text in the default font.

[font=courier]Courier (typerwriter) [/font]





We’ve decided to leave colour formatting off the table for now, to keep the forums as clear to read and as accessible as possible. Colours can (normally accidentally) hide text or make it difficult to read. We’re looking into some database automation to strip the colour tags from the old staff posts that used them.


This will highlight text background in a fetching blue.



Center some text

R align some text

L align some text


In a very long post, for example a guide, you might wish to set up an anchor;

[aname=anchortest] this is an anchor [/aname]

and create a reference link to jump the user to it;

[jumpto=anchortest] this is a jump back to an anchor [/jumpto]


The easiest way to add lists is with the default syntax, the same method as using the editor buttons for this;

* List item 1
* List item 2

or for numbered lists,

1. List item 1
2. List item 2

However this update adds some other options if you are more used to the below conventions;

[*] a list item
[*] another item

* here is an alternate way to make a list item
* another item

[li]this is a numbered list item[/li]
[li]this is a numbered list item 2[/li]


Quoting has not changed with this update. To quote someone with attribution please use the below format, which you can do easiest from right-clicking on some highlighted text and selecting quote -

[quote="alan, post:87, topic:20268"]
Though I have no idea what to do about my actions now haha

alternatively you can use blockquotes

> Blockquote

and for simple one-line quotes, just this tag. This won’t work across multiple lines.

[quote]Hi I am a quote![/quote]