New FL Player: How Do I Obtain Inkling of Identity

Hello delicious friends,

I am relatively new to FL and am struggling to wrap my head around where I can find inklings of identity. I am aware I can make it from rumour items, but that has me stumped as well!

If anyone would be willing to give me some hints as of to where I should focus my attention I would be really grateful!

Thanks <3

It depends on where you are in the game, if you are a person of some importance you can easily get proscribed material(and then you can use them to make inklings of identity) through the &quotUnfinished business in Watchmaker’s Hill&quot storylet, if you are a scholar of the correspondence you can teach the correspondence openly in the forgotten quarter to gain connections with the revolutionaries and then you can draw cards in Flit until you get a card called something like &quotCall in favours in the flit&quot where you can exchange revolutionary connections for alot of proscribed materials, im afraid I don’t know many other sources but if you don’t mind spoiling yourself if you get too curious you can check this page on the wiki