New FL Extension: FL Apocyan Mirage

Okay, this one is a first for me. Half-fanfic, half-mod, half-madness.

Let this picture speak for itself.

Wait, what??

This extension adds &quotApocyan-filled Mirrorcatch Box&quot into the game. Mind you, that is a virtual item - a little something that has no bearing on the game processes and just takes space in your inventory. It is done only for those who are suffering from the itch of not being able to complete the Neathbow.

To acquire this item, you’ll have to go to a specific location on the Unterzee… and follow the directions from there.

Where can I get it?

The extension was announced a couple of dates before FBG introduced their plans for the additional Zee content, so I had no idea about them heading in that direction. In case there would be a proper Apocyan-filled Mirrorcatch Box, I will yank this extension to prevent confusion.

NB: My writing is atrocious and my talents aside from writing code are severely lacking. If you think that you can write better storylet text for this - feel free to suggest it here! The best one will replace my scribblings in the next version.

Brought to you by &quotBloody Daft and Unnecessarily Extra Co.&quot


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edited by Alasterin on 5/8/2022
edited by Alasterin on 5/8/2022