New Extension: FL Small Mercies [pending approval]

This thing here is a collection of small fixes and improvements to the UI (UX?) of Fallen London. There is no logic nor rhyme to it, just me rolling up my sleeves and fixing things that have been bugging me for the longest time.

…Yes, I basically reinvented venerable “Gadzooks!”. Shoulders of giants and all that. Anyway!

These fixes can be enabled or disabled individually via the new “Extensions” section in the “Account” screen. Yes, that one link in the upper link corner that you probably never use. Go on, click it, I dare you.

Grab it here:

If you have any ideas about what can be added to the current list of fixes - feel free to mention it here in the comments, on Discord, or create an issue on GitHub. I do not make any promises, but really interesting suggestions or those demanded by the community will be implemented in future versions.

As usual, brought to you by “Bloody Daft and Hugely Stressed Co.”.


P.S. Special kudos:

  • /u/idyl - for the idea about comma separating thousands
  • /u/Saklad5 - for providing the appropriate symbol for Hinterland Scrip.
  • /u/rahv7 - for being rather insufferable.

I don’t even understand what some of these mean (“remove scrollbars from discrete sidebar qualities” - what?), but your efforts are, as ever, appreciated. I’ll probably install this once it’s whitelisted. The currency comma seems especially useful.

One thing I would absolutely love: the ability to return the date of journal entries back to in-game years, as it used to be! Added bonus: the option to choose between 1900 and counting (for more subversive characters), or 1899 forevermore (for those faithful to the Empress).


If you can remove storylets, can you add an option to disable the “Sell the Location of the Nadir” choices on faction cards?


That does seem interesting, only I would need to know which real time year corresponds to which year in-game. :confused:

Cool, I will look into that.

1862 = 1984 (the year of the Fall)

1887 = 2009 (first release of Echo Bazaar)
1888 = 2010
1889 = 2011
1890 = 2012
1891 = 2013
1892 = 2014
1893 = 2015
1894 = 2016
1895 = 2017
1896 = 2018
1897 = 2019
1898 = 2020
1899 = 2021
(1900) = 2022

… and so on :slight_smile: