New Extension: FL Quirk Master [pending approval]

r/fallenlondon - New Extension: FL Quirk Master

Given that the “Fruits of the Zee” festival is right around the corner, I think it’s time we tackled the problem of unexpected Quirk changes. Let the person who never felt the anguish of seeing their Quirk dropping from the lofty heights of 15 throw the first stone. No more, I say!

This extension uses data graciously provided by the Fallen London Wiki to annotate most of the branches that can influence your Quirks with an appropriate amount of information.
NB: it only knows about ~95% of the in-game branches and certainly does not know about ES.

Grab it here:

The set of data that the extension uses was compiled on August, 12 and any content that comes later will not be annotated. We have ideas on how to handle data updates in the future, but for now, existing data should be sufficient.

Special shout-out to the Fallen London Wiki admins and contributors whose tireless work made this all possible!

If you want to support further development on this and other extensions… Well, there is a Ko-Fi for that.

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