New Extension: FL Masquerade [pending approval]

Hi! This is an extension that lets you switch between different alts via the in-game interface.

Look for the purple-bordered storylet at the bottom of the screen with the name “Become Someone Completely Different”. Or if you are inside the storylet already and cannot go back - a branch with a similar name.


Grab it here:


  • It does not store or collect your usernames\passwords, only authentication tokens. Those are saved to your local browser storage and never leave your computer.
  • It is confirmed to work on Firefox for Android Nightly, please follow the instructions in the menu. It is also possible to use it on pre-Fenix Firefox for Android, you just need the signed .xpi file from the Mozilla Add-on Store.
  • User experience can be rough around the edges and texts can use some polish as well.
    Suggestions are welcome!

Brought to you by “Bloody Daft and Completely Unnecessary Co”. Enjoy!

P.S. Original Reddit thread:
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