New Extension: FL Genius Loci [Pending Approval]

So, I made a thing.

It’s a special browser extension that plays specific tracks (MP3, OGG, etc) in the background when you visit a &quotlocation&quot in Fallen London.

By default, the extension is set up to play official FL OST by Maribeth Solomon and Brent Barkman. The idea is to replicate the original FL app experience, which it does with varying degrees of success. :)

NB: You have to provide your own copy of the OST (or any other music)! No tracks are supplied with the extension.

After the installation, you will see two buttons at the top of the game screen - &quotLocator&quot and &quotMute&quot.

The first one will display the panel shown on the screenshot with brief summary of where are you exactly and which music is set to be played at that location.

The second one will mute the current track and any other until you decide to &quotun-mute&quot.

It is not currently whitelisted by FBG, but one can hope. It is also very rough at the edges, so please show patience and report any bad experience in this thread. We aim to please.

Grab it here:[ul][li]Mozilla Add-on Store[/li][li]Chrome Web Store[/li][li]GitHub[/li][/ul]FAQ

Q: Why???

A: Why not?

Q: Can I set my own music?

A: But of course! Go to the extension’s directory and open file mappings.json. Inside you will find section named tracks, under which you will find location names and tracks assigned to them. By default, only locations mentioned in the original OST are filled in, but you can assign anything anywhere.

Q: My favourite place is not mentioned there!

A: In that case please open the &quotLocator&quot panel mentioned above and copy the area and setting information shown there. After you get that data, please report it here or open the issue in the GitHub mentioned above. I will try to add them as soon as possible!

Q: It doesn’t work!

A: Please close all open Fallen London tabs and open them again. No, seriously. If that does not help, then please open &quotJavaScript Console&quot (it depends on the browser) and report its contents to me. I’ll try to help, honestly.

My other extensions:

* Genius loci, n - the special atmosphere of the place. (Collins English Dictionary)
edited by Alasterin on 9/29/2021