New Expedition(?): "Seeking the Roofgazer"

So, I am seeking the Cave of the Nadir right now and I noticed while mousing over my &quotAn Expedition&quot quality on the &quotPursuing an Archological Expedition&quot storylet that, in addition to normall expeditions and the mysterious &quotSeeking an Infernal Picnic&quot, there was a new entry: &quotSeeking the Roofgazer&quot. Could this be a new expedition that will be made avalible shortly? Or is It just there to taunt and tantalize us like the Infernal Picnic?

My my! Only time will tell, I suppose.

An exciting thought. For anybody else curious, it does not yet appear in Begin an Expedition, unless it’s hidden by qualities.

Maybe something to do with the revised SMEN content?

what is SMEN ?

It is seeking Mr. Eaten’s name, the path has been resting for a while waiting for an opportunity to feast again.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this was for one of the Ambition updates, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

It would fit, but I hope this isn’t the case - we could certainly use a new expedition, possibly one with different rewards…

Necroing this thread because I’ve been playing Sunless Sea recently, and a Roofgazer seems awfully reminiscent of Flourishing-of-Years. Do we know if it’s connected to a specific city? I highly doubt an inland expedition would send players to deep zee, but perhaps there’s some sort of related structure. And we still don’t know what it’s looking at…

read this link! Specifically, the on an expedition quality is &quotseeking the roofgazer.&quot

Okay, that’s a lot more mundane than I was hoping for. Ah well.

Don’t get me wrong, a new set of expeditions would be amazing, but it’s not happening now. And it would have to be a set, because they’d almost certainly want to avoid overlap with the existing rewards, so unless it’s a new story…