New Emojis

Hello everyone! We’ve added some custom emojis to the forum to facilitate conversation and merriment:

Adorable FL emojis:
:candlefl::cupfl::eyesfl::heartfl::nightmaresfl::redactedfl: :scandalfl::sshfl::thinkingfl:
:candlefl:​ :cupfl:​ :eyesfl:​ :heartfl:​ :nightmaresfl:​ :redactedfl: :scandalfl:​ :sshfl:​ :thinkingfl:​

Hellworm emojis (requested by @psgarak to decorate the Hellworm club):
:boots::charcutier::hellworm: :milk::polish:
:boots:​ :charcutier:​ :hellworm: :milk:​ :polish:

If you have other requests, please thread.
Please be aware that we must be somewhat selective and choose emojis that we think will see regular use. There are many hunrdeds of images in Fallen London, Skies and Sea, so it’s not possible to add every icon from the games.


I see that :bat:, :cat: and :rat: exist already, but we need :hat: to complete the four suits of the Marvellous!

:squid: is fine, but if you could add a special Rubbery emoji, I’m pretty sure people would use it lots.


Hm. You could create a macro that inserts an image with its src as, though. Or is 40×40 too big for an emoji? You could scale it down in css. All those images are already going to be in the browser cache of anyone on these forums, anyway.

You can already do this simply by posting an image link; Discourse will automatically format it. The only limitation is that it must be on a separate line to the text; an example;

We’ll probably leave it at this, for now; It’s a nice idea but we don’t have the time budget to make a Discourse plugin to do this.

You can now use
:hat: and :tentacle:
:hat: :tentacle:

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