New Content In The 'Neath?

There may not have been a new version, but I am seeing new things on the Zee (at least new to me).

A port at Low Barnet. A crystalline cave called Anthem. Other things…

Can’t find anything on the SS-Wiki about any of it. Anyone have any information on these new, delightful things?

Only that they recently added side bar information about them. Maybe they’ll be in zubmariner.

Low Barnet I believe was mentioned to be one of the new ports in Zubmariner, so yeah, they’re expansion related content for sure.

Has anyone found any new content at Mutton Island? They added a Time Passing quality but I haven’t had time to explore it yet

The Rose Market no longer randomly changes when you return to London with time remaining. Instead, you decide to randomly change it by using your Free Evening or by making a sale. I really like this as it allows you more ability to plan your voyages and acquisitions.

You can also buy ten items now by pressing the swift key - though make sure you have space in your hold, because if you buy one too many with swift you have to throw the surplus over the side.

New music has been added to the game around Hunters Keep and low Barnet.
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The Time Passing has always been there, it’s part of a carousel you do to get (among others) information about Miss Plenty.

Now its in sunless sea too.

There’s a new Blind Bruiser storyline where you get the opportunity to meet the Cheery Man himself.

Also, you can now meet a prisoner being kept by the Pirate Monks.

The prisoner at Godfall is related to Zubmariner; I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to show up if you don’t have the DLC.

Well, he’s there. I don’t think I can do much with him without a zub, but he adds to the flavor of the place.

Mutton Island can be a bit more eventful now.

For me, Mutton Island now only does one minor new thing. I think you need to have the kickstarter rewards to get the whole story.

What’s that minor new thing?

[quote=Tarantula]What are the story qualities for the storylet of the prisoner at Godfall?

I don’t see him.[/quote]
Huh… I don’t think he has qualities, he’s just there.

It has an icon like the FL prisoners chains next to it? The prisoner himself is clearly quite deranged and seems upset that the pirate-monks aren’t ordering him around enough.

Don’t think so? Though nothing happens with the prisoner.
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It’s definitely an issue with Zubmariner stuff then if you can’t see any named requirements; I’m in the beta and the requirement is not having any of a Zubmariner quality with said chains icon.

For me after I talked to the prisoner there was a admiralty blockade across mutton’s port. You could not dock but you could get a port report.

I don’t think those two things are connected.

Has anyone had new issues arise regarding speaking to officers? The game seems to be interpreting my right clicks as left clicks and wants to move them around instead of going to the talking screen. It’s something of a pain in the butt…

Eh, figured it out. The control+click that I usually use on my trackpad now no longer works, I have to use two fingers now. :p
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