New Character, New Address Book

Hello all,

I recently returned to Fallen London after a considerable break, regrettably I found myself rather lost in terms of where I was and where I was trying to get to with my stories, items etc. I thus took the, personally, rather difficult option of starting a new character from scratch and reliving the game from the ground up. This sadly meant I had to leave behind my old list of contacts, I could have gone through and checked each one to see who was still active but opted instead for a completely clean start.

In short I am looking for a new circle of acquaintances with whom I can share letters as well as the usual beneficial assistance in various social interactions. I would consider myself to be new-ish as even with my previous character I didn’t get exceptionally far (around 60-70ish in my main stats). If anyone wishes to make my acquaintance then by all means leave a calling card and I shall be in touch!

P. Fielding