New Ambitions: In need of a push

I haven’t really touched my copy of Sunless Sea or steam at all for that matter, so I was delighted to hear that there were two new ambitions on the table. My only problem now is that I am in need of a push in the right direction to start either of these now. So if any kind hearted player would lend me a hand I would be extremely appreciative.

One you can start by talking to the Carnelian Exile; the other by discovering Aestival.

Can Confirm Jascob’s words.

That’s really all the push you’ll need. Past that, you’re heading into Spoiler zones that you likely don’t want to know about.

While two of the “public” ambitions (cash, zong of the zee) are questionable amounts of fun, the father’s bones is a fantastic one, forcing you to explore many corners of the Unterzee. Don’t underestimate that either. Although, it’s not for fresh-faced captains.

I just finished the “Go East” ambition on my Top level captain and God damn! was it all that I had been hoping for.