Nest way to handle companions?

I really am trying to learn all I can about these tools, i’m in love with it!
I understand you can make companions but im not far enough into FL to have one of my own to see how they’re handled yet and the story i’m writing would benefit greatly from a number of them, but for now i’m just using one until I understand it.
Would you have them as a quality? a status or a thing? A thing always pops up with ‘you now have 1 x [insert name]’ which is a bit robotic, i dont want someone to obtain A Named Person when there’s only one of them anyway.
Would you have them able to level up as the story progresses like a normal ability?

I’ve got a feeling the answer lies in the list that drops down to define what category the quality belongs to.

@Mike: kind of a tricky question to answer! I don’t believe the Companion Quality option does anything right now. What are you trying to do with your Companions? That might help clarify things. :)

Just noticed i wrote ‘nest’ lol
I want the player to have a companion who can be called upon to help complete certain tasks (if u have a well-trained companion then maybe a new branch will open up allowing you to use him instead of using a skill if you’re not up to the task), similar to the way a skill works, but I just wondered if there was an ‘official’ way to put them in a class or category so that the tools use different terminology such as ‘Bob has joined your cause’ instead of ‘your bob quality is now 1!’

The terminology on all qualities can be changed by you if you edit the Quality Change Descriptions at the bottom of the page for that specific quality. Then, whatever you put there will be the message players receive. There is more info about it in the reference guide under the same name.

Now as for SN treating companions differently, I asked pretty much the same question in the creator tools discussion but haven’t heard anything back so I probably answered it myself. A lot of the categories are discouraged for use by us except for BasicAbility, MajorLateral, Minor Lateral, Story, Progress, Circumstance, Accomplishment, Quest, SidebarAbility, Menace, and then Things/Curiosities.
edited by Kitsune on 11/3/2012