Need to go to a State of Some Confusion

I’m trying to get myself into a State of Some Confusion to continue my ambition, but since I have 8 Memory of Light, it seems that I’ll just be directed to the Mirror Marches every time my Nightmares hit 8. Is there any way to “unequip” Memory of Light, or just get to the hotel even though I have them in my inventory? It doesn’t seem as though I have enough Memories of Light to even turn into another item.

Am I basically unable to progress in my ambition unless I a) slowly use up all my memories of light by purposely going insane or b)grind enough of them to exchange?

My Shadowy’s at 62 right now, and Persuasive and everything else in the early to late 40s, if that’s important.

In the mirror marches, there’s a storylet (Or was it a card?) to go into “A Place of Some Confusion”

Oh! That’s good to know! Thank you very much.

No problem. It always boggled me why that card existed (The mirror marches are easier to get out of and less harmful to your dreams), but I suppose it exists solely to help folks with this ambition!

I believe there’s also a mirror at the Carnival that’ll take you straight there. Don’t remember which one it is, maybe you can wiki it or maybe it’s obvious from the description?

That storylet is called “A mahogany-framed mirror” and is in the House of Mirrors at Mrs Plenty’s Carnival. Unfortunately it requires a Watchful of 100 and 10 Memories of Light.

That’s the one that takes you to the Mirror-Marches. If you miss the Royal Bethlehem, Dream’s Mirror will take you there if you have 5 Carnival Tickets and Nightmares at at least 1.