need some tips for the feast of exceptional roses

Yes, a bit early, i know… But:

Im planning to get a tanned mask and a golden spiked rosary. Since one can only gift them, if i find a partner to trade with, does anyone have any tips on how to not have him just keep them without returning the favor?
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My suggestion is to use an alt to send yourself a gift rather than exchange fate with strangers. Things go wrong very easily with social actions even if you try your best to honor your promises to each other. Mistakes happen and refunds are rare. With an alt you are in full control of their actions and have only yourself to blame if something goes wrong.

I considered it, but i’d have to gift 100 fate to my alt and the total cost is 80, so 20 would be lost. Also, my alt is at the very start of the game, and im not sure if you need farming or passing challanges to get the items. In that case i’ll be forced to trade with strangers anyway

You need neither farming nor passing challenges to get the items. If you are going to trade with someone, do it 1-for-1 at first, then repeat, rather than sending 2 then recieving two. talk with them beforehand. Do it with someone you trust, if at all possible.

If you do need to have 20 fate over on your alt, buy a story for it.

Here’s a trick that worked last year: Send a gift to an alt, then have that alt decline the gift. The item should be added to the sender’s inventory. I haven’t tested to see if you can send and cancel for the same effect, but declining did work last year.

Thank you very much, couldn’t hope for anything better ^^

Another idea I used was to exvhange Fate Gifts with someone I knew IRL who played the game and whom I trusted.
On thevwhole I agree with NiteBrite, though. When it comes to real money, tensions run incredibly hot and it is best to avoid complications if at all possible.

Whow… risky, that. If it does work this year - it will be a terrific solution.

I can personally confirm declining Fate gifts (IIRC, Fate gifts only) returns the item into your inventory. WITHDRAWING the request however, DOES NOT return the item to you. Myself and fallingkitten were who first confirmed this on the IRC after hearing the rumours about it from last year I think…

If you want to prepare for the worst case scenario, where you accidentally send a fate gift to the person at the top of your contacts list, add me, I’m 8 in Fallen London which puts me above 98% of everyone else. I will reciprocate everything. NiteBrite and others on the IRC will vouch for me being a respectable individual of mysterious and indistinct gender and that I did something similar last year.

I also reciprocate all accidental gifts non-fate gifts and will accept any social invite you send my way short of blank calling cards or affluent photographer invites, if you want to send me those, BETRAY ME. I like bats, not progress on that storyline.
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Yes. Last year we confirmed that declining non-Fate gifts did NOT return the cost of the item, or the item, to the sender. Which reminds me, I should pop into the Feedback thread.