Need help to get my menaces up for confessions!

HEllo everyone, sorry if the question seems ab it obvious but it hs been a long time since I played FL, now I know that to level up the menace qualities you need to fail the respective cuality associated iwht them -failing a Watchful challenge to get nightmares up- thing is, msot of my skills are already at 100+ so, I find myself with a lack of challenges htat I have a high chance of failing. So, if osmeone oculd help me with a few remainders of what actiosn are at this range that would help me raice the menaces up, I’d be eternally grateful.

Regardless, thank you for taking hte time to read this :)

This is discussed in this thread:
Basically, several pieces of garb will add Menaces, and a Starveling Cat is good to have. Also, Reave and Mal’s Excellent Chicken Soup Dispensary will be happy to poison you any time.

– Mal
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As mentioned in the linked thread, you can get Scandal to 3 purely with a Modish Bonnet and Scarlet Stockings (costs 4 echoes each from Maywell’s Hattery and Mercury, respectively. Check the Bazaar tab.)

As you don’t appear to be a POSI (yet), that may be the most useful method for you. ^_^