Need Favours:Society to get into Ambassador's Ball

Persuasive, while not my primary stat, is my second highest stat. I have, I think, finished most of the Veiledgarden story line, but I need to get into the Ambassadors Ball. For that I need Favors:Society, and I don’t have any. And you can’t grind them at the Carnival until you get into the Ball. What do I do? Am I stuck?

The most standard way to get favors is using the faction’s card. Occasionally you should draw the card titled “Park and Palace: Society”. On this card is an option to gain a favor, called “Nip an inconvenient rumor in the bud.” Notably it costs a Scrap of Incendiary Gossip, which you may need to trade Inklings of Identity for if you don’t have one already.
edited by Kaijyuu on 8/12/2018

I’ve been having the same problem. There’s no ways for me to gain Society Favours at all except for getting the faction’s card and I haven’t seen it appeared once in weeks. Meanwhile a bunch of cards I don’t need keeps repeating.

Another way to gain them for new players is to buy a Key to a Lair in the Marshes. That lodging’s card will have a dangerous check to get a Society Favor. With low dangerous this isn’t a guaranteed thing (you have a 50% shot at 50 dangerous), but it’s another source of favors, and one you’ll use forever.

EDIT: You also need at least 1 level of the Death by Water dream quality, which you may or may not have.
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