Neath's height?

Do we have any canonical source for the height of the roof of the Neath? How far above London sit the false-stars?

I was idly thinking of a VR diorama set in FL universe, and that sort of information is required.

I can’t say much about the actual height, but Gaiden’s Mourn is very tall, and does not reach the roof. You can use that to determine the minimum that it is not, by estimating the height of a building and extrapolating from there. It’s not much help, but it’s something canon to work with.

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The StoryNexus description says “a mile beneath the surface of the earth.” This may not be a precise measurement, but it’s a ballpark.

And from the intro prison story: “It must be a half-mile fall from the barred cell window to the dark waters below.” So half a mile plus a large stalactite, ish.

Keep in mind that London is close to the west edge of the cave, so the roof there may be lower than further out to Zee.

Maybe this means that there is a mile of dirt/rock between the surface and the roof of the Neath. I mean, it can’t be very thick, if a meteor can punch a hole through the Neath’s ceiling over Aestival. Although that makes me wonder how the entire place has not caved in yet.

I feel like, since it is the mystical Neath and everything, science might get very messed up down there. I like to imagine that as you descend from the surface you unknowingly get smaller and smaller, but since everything is relative you see no change. You get so small that you could fit between between a bubble of air between two grains of dirt or sand, yet in relativity to everything’s size it seems like more than a mile to them. And somehow the magical aspects of the Bazaar keeps the roof of the neath (aka one speck of dirt) from caving in on the entire Neath. And nobody knows, they may never know, that there are other &quot’neaths&quot all around them. Billions upon billions of them all between different specks of dirt, each with their own physical laws and impossible aspects! Maybe it’s just me, but I really like to believe that there are entire civilizations and societies in each square millionth of a millimeter of this world. Also, I’ll fight the next person who tells me that Desert Flower Bowling Alley and the Underground City aren’t a thing. Just another entrance to Fallen London… I’m sorry… this got very out of hand.
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@th8827. I guess taking in what’s supporting the roof: A giant wall near hell, A weird tear in space time, Strange infinite mystical weirdness, Whatever lies behind a living super mountain - I think, ‘it’s magic’ is probably a fair answer to why it hasn’t fallen :) I suppose Gravity is just another law.

@Psyche Labyrinth. Horton hears an Echo?


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“The deepest mine in the world is the TauTona gold mine in South Africa, measuring 3.9 km [2.4 mi] deep … temperatures down at the bottom of the mine reach a sweltering 55 °C [131 °F].” Since London is nowhere near this hot, and given the depth estimates posted above, the city does seem to be about 0.5 to 1.0 miles below the Surface.

Quote from: What is the Temperature of the Earth's Crust? - Universe Today