Neathbow veils reduction?

[li]For the first time I’ve decided to finish the First Curators quest and this has lead me to also for the first time finishing the Blemmigans Abroad story to get the cinder. I had a Veils stat of 34, upon completing this and claiming my gift my veils were reduced to 17, I figured this was something to do with the cinder being &quotray drenched&quot and giving off radiation so I hurried off to Venderbright to offload it, this reduced stat causing a few noticeable challenges en route, hence me wanting to get rid. When I handed it in however, my hopes were kicked in the nuts as my veils remain crippled. Is this a permanent handicap meaning start over building my veils, or a bug? Having never completed this page before I haven’t had this happen, and just wondered if anyone could shed some light on the matter.
[li]Also, I was tempted to take the other gift, and after collecting the first gift, I gathered intelligence and was rewarded with 4 more Blemmigans along with my port report, just wondered A) Is there still enough ports left for me to offload 7 more Blemmigans(I’ve found 1 so know there isn’t just 7) and will this allow me access to choose a gift again, and B) If anyone could enlighten me as to what the Blemmigan Sporule is used for and is it worth the effort to get it again?
Cheers Kris

No idea why you lost stats, I have never experienced that so maybe it is worth a bug report.

As for propagating Blemmigans so far there are only ten places that advance Blemmigans Abroad so not enough for a second gift unfortunately. I still hope that some of the other ports will eventually take them. But there are places where you can re-home them or you can trade them in London as well (one gives a random reward and two or more give Romantic Literature).

Missed the sporule question - so far the only use I know is as part of the requirements for the Fathomking as part of the Father’s Bones Ambition

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I didn’t lose stats either. Is it possible that you were relying on an old memory of what your stats were, and only checked after you received the cinder? Because most weapons and engines got their stat bonuses removed in the last several updates, so if you were going off what you remembered your Veils were from before and only checked after getting the Cinder, it’s possible the discrepancy is due to that and has nothing to do with the Cinder.

Minimum starting stats are 25. The only thing I know that reduces stats is getting an Eyeless Skull from the Forgotten Quarter, but I don’t know how much it takes. So unless you have an Eyeless Skull from there going to 17 is definitely something to question.

There are some interactions that reduce stats, such as getting a port report from the Iron Republic. And the Eyeless Skull only skims off one from each stat. Some ship equipment and officers also reduce various stats, I suppose, but other than engines and weapons getting their bonuses stripped, I don’t think any of them have changed recently.
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[li]Hi, cheers for the quick replies, turns out it’s not this quest, must be todays update. I have some earlier saves from days ago and even when I load them my stats are fine but as soon as I move an officer, make a choice, or even close the gazetteer, my veils instantly drop. I just assumed as I had exited the game in port at the Uttershroom earlier today and when I updated and started the game this evening that was the first choice I had to click and was hence making it happen. I’ll report it now.

I also hope they open more ports, or allow another way to complete Cosmogone as after I’d finished this captains zong I was planning on retiring him and having a bash at fathers bones with my next captain, I’d hate to think I was going into that having to make a choice and abandon the Curators quest half done. I was hoping to drag this playthrough out until Feb so I could start a new play of the full game with a nice inheritance lol. Saying that my veils being scuppered might actually add a bit more of a challenge to the last leg of this playthough, suppose I shouldn’t moan.


Most of the items needed for Father’s Bones have alternatives so you can use the other option for that requirement.

It would be nice to be able to get both of the gifts for propagating Blemmigans with one captain though.

[li]Yeah, I think so too. That’s the trouble with games like this for me, I’m incredibly anal, I’m the person who goes on a game like Skyrim and has as much play time as someone who’s had 19 different play throughs, and I’ve had 2, one where I played the game first time, and then the 2nd where I’ve attempted to wring every last little bit of content out of it with one character to make as complete a story as possible. Sacrificing some content for other is incredibly difficult for me, really I should just stop moaning and experience something I enjoy multiple times and in different ways, but deep down a little bit inside me still gets frustrated lol.

[spoiler] is the sporule usable for the fathomking on an even newer version, or an older one? It isn’t open (and it’s not really the heart of anything yet)

lol I’m sort of the same way Kris. I’m sitting there like “I could retire to a life of luxury! But I have so much left to do…”

Retirement is overrated! Just make sure you don’t die while you’re zailing about like a captain half your age, old-timer :P

I am only aware of one of the rewards for Blemmigan propogation - the one related to the curator’s quest. What is the other one?

[quote=lady ciel ]Most of the items needed for Father’s Bones have alternatives so you can use the other option for that requirement.

It would be nice to be able to get both of the gifts for propagating Blemmigans with one captain though.[/quote]

A Blemmigan Sporule