Naming Newspaper (Help! Confused!)

Hello forum people, I finally have my own newspaper and it’s time for me to name it…only the &quotName your newspaper&quot page has me a bit lost. There is a little drop-down box labeled &quotChoose which Affiliation:&quot, which has the options &quotGang Of Hoodlums&quot, &quotNewspaper&quot, and &quotHeld In Esteem By The Crew Of The Galatea&quot (that’s the one from &quotthe Gift&quot Fate-story). I have Membership Of God’s Editors, though it doesn’t show up in the box, but that’s aside my problem.
I need to know what choosing the affiliation does, like if I pick Gang Of Hoodlums, will it rename my gang instead of the newspaper? Or does it have some other effect? I appreciate any help, or if Failbetter made this bit a little easier to understand ;)

That is how I understood it.

In the Bazaar Side-Streets, you have the option of naming various affiliations, for a price. I suspect FBG have reused that storylet interface here.

Huh, sounds pretty strange to me - although that’s been some time. If that’s not the Bazaar Side-streets Fate option, but the first naming of the newly-created paper, then it seems to be a bug. Seconding the assumption of reusal of storylet interfaces there.

When I encountered that, I selected Newspaper and picked the name I wanted, just in case.

It would make sense (mechanically) that you’d be able to use it to name your other things, if it gives the option to select them, even though that’s not what that storylet is intended to do. From a narrative perspective, however, it’s a little incongruous for someone to be like “So, what are you going to name your newspaper?” and you replying with “My gang is called _____.” :-p

I wonder what happens if you use it to rename a different Affiliation. Does your newspaper never get a name? Get a default name? Does it loop back to name your Newspaper (in which case it can be abused to avoid spending Fate on naming other Affiliations)?

I would think that once you name something (whether its your Newspaper or a different affiliation) you’ll conclude that storylet. So if you decided to name your gang instead of your newspaper then your newspaper just wouldn’t get a name. It doesn’t really need a name, so I don’t think FBG would program in a default one. It can function just fine nameless, and might be kinda funny in terms of RP.

Have you seen what they wrote in the Newspaper?

My newspaper is currently called &quotNewspaper&quot since I haven’t named it yet, which I suppose is the default name

It is done! Your journalists clap and cheer as you reveal the name on the masthead…(blahblah)
An occurrence! Your ‘An Editor of Newspapers’ Quality is now Spinning the Presses!

So I went ahead and named my Gang Of Hoodlums using this storylet interface and it did just that… my newspaper is just called Newspaper in my Myself tab and my Gang has been renamed. As you might have inferred from the &quotoccurrence&quot, it locked the Name Your Newspaper storylet and I now can only rename it using fate.
I think its really funny that I could have renamed &quotHeld In Esteem By The Crew Of The Galatea&quot to whatever I wanted though.
&quotPaid For DLC And Recieved Worthless Trophy&quot

I know this is a three year old thread, but I just encountered this and was baffled. I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread so I didn’t accidentally rename my Held In Esteem affiliation, but I wanted to remark I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed as it makes zero sense and doesn’t seem intended.