Names of cities and pubs

I’ve noticed that each Tracklayers City not only has its own unique name based on its location and politics, but also a pub with a unique name - no idea yet how that one’s constructed. We probably need another table like this one.

I thought it’d be interesting to collate the names of our cities (and pubs) in one place and maybe see which ones are the most popular.

  • Be sure to drop by The Dark Lamp in Lily Bluff, Snug Beneath the Walls of Hell - it should be your last stop on the way to Hell, and your first on the way back!
  • The Beehive, always a busy place, is situated in Rebel’s Citadel, while you’ll find The Triple Bird in Rebel’s Acropole, The Clay Raptor in Rebel’s Crossroads and The Mammoth and Castle in Rebel’s Scapula. (all those cities are part of the new urban sprawl right outside of Balmoral :smirk:)
  • The citizens of Pilgrims’ Lighthouse in the Parish of Burrow enjoy spending their evenings at The Fidgeting Mermaid.
  • Barrow Transplant, above the Magistracy of the Evenlode, features The Pallid Hound as its premium drinking establishment.
  • Interestingly, Masters’ Transplant, in the Shadow of Station VIII, also has The Pallid Hound - so maybe the pub’s name always corresponds to the second part of the City’s name?
  • And finally, if you ever should find your way out to the Liberationist Stronghold of Steward’s Cautery, between Moulin’s Wastes and the Hurlers (Where No One Else Would Care to Live), The Attenuated Swan is the place to get warm again.

(Yes, I have quite a lot of accounts)

If you’re proud of your newly-founded city, present it here! :smiley:


Fascinating! I’m not here yet, but keeping an eye on this thread in case Mr. Cards, which will be to say, Me, wants to manipulate a bit to get a particular name.

The wiki’s populating a table for pubs (a table OF pubs, not a, you know, table IN pubs) and the determinant seems to be the same as the second word of the city (which is to say, the founding body and the town’s alignment). A few gaps left, but unfortunately my The Black Lens from a Liberationist Manager-City (formerly Pilgrims’ Post-House, then Steward’s Post-House, then Pilgrims’ again, off to Masters’ Post-House, back to Pilgrims’, up to Steward’s, brief stop at Lily Post-House, and currently Steward’s Post-House in Moulin, where, I believe, the city shall remain unless I want to be torn apart by a mob of Tracklayers who are presumably very much at the end of their patience with me) is already there, and seems to be quite popular across the multiverse.

“Paragon of Geographical Indecision” - wow.

Could not be more different from me - every city was minutely planned in advance and I don’t think I’ll ever use any of the options for toying around with them. I already wish I had opted for “A Blithe Indifference to Politics” on most accounts instead of just one - I have far more use for the pub’s opportunity card than for all that politicking!

Say, is the Tracklayers’ Displeasure card the only way to see a city’s pub’s name?

You can also see it mentioned on one of the first cards when the city is all-new, and before learning how to finally deal with the Grey Man. In fact, I think most of the Grey Man’s cards mention it. He loiters outside the pub a lot.

And if you’re lucky enough to have A Blithe Indifference to Politics, you have an opportunity card called “Apolitical” which lets you go to the pub all the time instead of meddling with ideologies and stuff. ;)

(For what it’s worth, I just emailed Failbetter a suggestion to add an option that lets us switch to A Blithe Indifference to Politics. Because right now - unless I’m missing something - you can’t do that if you haven’t chosen it originally.)


Ah, then it is The Black King in Erewhon! A nice place near Balmoral, quite lively, all things told.

Also following the Merry Gentleman, when your Nightmares reach 5.

Upon my intervention, the city moved back to Burrow and re-re-re-became Pilgrims’ Post-House, and instead of tearing me apart they are calling me a Disrespecter of Borders. No mechanical effect as far as I can tell yet, but 8 cataclysmic city-wide migrations is probably enough for 1 week. One wonders how far that quality goes.


The finest public house in Rebel’s Countertown (an Emancipationist-Liberationist stronghold made from my doppelganger, with a darkly amused Furnace Ancona in charge) is the Butcher’s Table. I find the name a little unappealing, having maintained a vegetarian diet for many years, but that’s a small price to pay for advancing the cause of the workers! (Rebel’s Countertown was originally predominantly Emancipationist, but a later visit to Irem radicalised me further toward the Liberation, and I’ve propagandised accordingly.)