Nadir Location Selling

Many people know about the eternal conundrum of who to sell the Location of the Cave of the Nadir to, or whether not to sell it at all! I personally sold it to spies because…sorry, I seem to have forgotten.

I jest of course, I sold it to The Great Game for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one was that Midnighters are their associated profession, and Midnighters are the most trained in safe use of Irrigo, so giving them stewardship of the biggest reservoir of Irrigo in the entire Neath was the safest option for everyone. However, I’m curious. Why did you pick the option you chose? Was it just the money, did you have an in-universe reason like I did, or did you just accidentally hit the wrong option on a faction card?


I sold to the revolutionaries for money, which was very fitting honestly because I used the money to continue funding my Heart’s Desire ambition, where I became Mr. Cards. To me it thematically showed my character being willing to do ANYTHING, even against their own self interest, to win.


My PC has kept the location secret so far. As far as he understands the options he doesn’t trust any of the available factions.

Revolutionaries were the most obvious choice for him but he’s still not completely sure how he feels about LoN, even after playing chess in parabola and going to that icy disco party next to hell. Perhaps it makes it clearer to say that throughout the Railway storyline he supported the Emancipationists mostly, but also the other two factions on occasion. His stance towards the revolutionaries’ subfactions is pretty much the same as his stance towards the tracklayers’ subfactions.

Urchins were also an interesting choice but I think that that’s also because they may be the faction he least understands of the 4, so the presumption of innocence still works for them. All he knows about them is that they’re literal children playing with storm instead of fires (that’s lowercase “s” and “f”).

Hell, as far as he gets it, could accidentally spew out of one of its furnaces, even for a minute, a law such as “everybody forgets everything” and be able to enforce said law via the Nadir. My PC doesn’t find that ideal.

The Great Game. Looking at the bigger picture and considering the full complexity of the great game it seems to him that selling the location to “spies” generally does exactly as much good or evil as keeping it to himself. I don’t know who the Imperturbable Spymaster works for. It could be the PC is selling it to surface powers, the Masters or any of the other 3 factions (albeit with a surcharge for the spies’ intermediation of the transaction).

Later edit: I also want to reply to John Schmit’s point about the Great Game being the “responsible” faction to sell it to. My PC would counter that, once again considering the Great Game’s complexity, there’s a good chance that by selling the location to them it ends up in the hands of some novice agent who doesn’t even realise its importance.


I would’ve kept the location secret to this day, but I accidentally sold it back when the sell option was on faction cards. Probably my worst misclick so far.


I sold it to the Great Game because they offered the best price, simple as. I already had some Master’s Blood and I was looking to complete my ultra-rare item collection at the time


I wanted to keep the secret forever, but then I accidentally sold it to Hell. I think there are enough of us to open a club.
I couldn’t even keep the payment because of Seeking.
As a revenge, I shove my stained soul in a greedy devil’s face once every Feast of the Rose (or twice this year.)