Nadir: Are the irrigo items actually worth it?

So I recently gained access to the Cave of the Nadir. Fascinating place, and very valuable too. However, I find myself wondering what the purpose of the irrigo-tainted items is because…well, they’re not very impressive frankly. Every piece of equipment you can ‘make’ in the Nadir has an alternative with a stat either equal or superior to the one improved by irrigo. Most of them are even for sale at the Bazaar. Hell, irrigo items don’t even enjoy a value increase when you sell them. Were these items actually the best once upon a time? Because for the effort it took to find the Cave and the cost of entry every week, I don’t see the value here.

Most of them were always for novelty’s sake, but the Forgotten Spidersilk Slippers possess the highest Shadowy boost for their slot (+9). The others might be good to upgrade if you previously had them before upgrading to higher tier equipment and wanted to sell them for their buy price (or at least close to it - the wiki isn’t loading for me ATM).

The rest of the Cave of the Nadir can definitely be very lucrative, however. You’ll take a bit of stat hit, but it doesn’t cost anything else to enter once you’ve entered the cave for the first time.

The only real plus of the Nadir upgrades is that they are purple and shiny and therefore good. The monetary value of the Nadir comes from using the End of Battles to swap second chances for airag, searing enigmas etc, and gaining dramatic tension from the Woods in Winter. You can also get a unique rubbery item, although it doesn’t do much other than look weird at the moment.

Shame. With everything else you can find in there I was hoping there was some sort of value I wasn’t seeing in the equipment. Ah well.

At least I look good in purple.

Everyone looks good in purple! It’s bloody ROYAL