Nacreous Outcast (Spoilers)

Does anyone know if you can get the Nacreous Survivor back from the Fathomking if you lost him to the Principles of Coral? I know that you can just lose the game at the Principles of Coral, but 21 secrets is a lot to give up, and the only real hurdle to getting him back from the Fathomking is some Captivating Treasures, which are basically just money.[li]

I think there’s some story where you give the Nacreous Outcast to the Fathomking, so I didn’t know if you could only get him back from the Fathomking if you actually lost him there.

Anyone in the know care to illuminate me?

Turns out you can.[li]

As longa as you spoke to him in some way, yup.

Well, so are secrets, so…

Definitely In my Father’s Bones games I win the final chess match; then sail to Fathomking’s, buy the Nacreous Survivor (make sure you have spoken to the Outcast before finishing the Principles or the storylet doesn’t appear) and then hand over two of the items needed for Father’s Bones. After that I tend to buy a second Survivor :)
edited by reveurciel on 3/3/2015