Mystic Desires

Hi guys! Huge fan of the game. I had Sunless Sea on my wishlist for a long time and finally picked it up, and I had no idea at the time it was from the same devs and universe as Fallen London, which I used to play many, many years ago. So I returned to it and have been hooked by this universe since.

I had a question. I am wondering how one becomes a Mystic in this game? I have looked at the requirements on the Wiki and understand I have to become a Campaigner first with a connection of at least 25 to the Church. Right now I have 30+. But I also need the storylet &quotAdrift On A Sea Of Misery&quot? I am unsure how I can reach that storylet as I assumed it would just pop up in my cards, but so far nothing. Any tips would be great!

Lots of love, delicious friends.

If I remember correctly you get the quality through choosing the right option on some cards.

In the Flit Warn the Urchins on the Kidsman recruits card (location specific card needs shadowy 69 - 106)

In Wolfstack Docks you need to draw Wolfstack in the Fog have airs of london 0-75 and pick a huddled form. Either pay for a room or find him a job.

If you are POSI giving the Soft-hearted Widow either moonpearls or glim when she shows up also gives Adrift on a Sea of Misery.

Thanks very much!