Mystery Sphinxstone destination?

I agreed to not deliver to the Grand Geode, and Penstock handed me a crumpled note… but apparently I didn’t read it? The mouseover text for my remaining Sphinxstone says nothing, and in my journal it’s &quotThe uses of the stone are mysterious. Where must you take it?&quot - but as far as I can tell I don’t know where to take it. Is this intentional, and - if so - might someone give me a hint? :)

What’s your background?

If Urchin, Priest or Shadowed Stranger have a look in London.

If Philosopher you need to go to Apis Meet.

I’m not 100% certain for Veteran and Poet but I think one is the Chelonate and the other Irem. But someone else might know for sure.

Thanks :).

Poet is Irem.

Interesting. I’m a Philosopher and at Apis Meet, but can’t see any options. In other news, Penstock is happy with me - my messages around Maybe’s Daughter indicate that I have already done something with the stone to strengthen the Bazaar.

Hmm. Well, I guess I am going to throw it overboard because I need the hold space - next time! [And yes, I checked London/Irem/Chelonate also.]

Did you take some recent news; an unread log or a Mount Palmerstone port report? You need one of them to access the stories at Apis Meet and I believe that includes delivering Sphinxstone.

I must say that I haven’t played a Philosospher since Apis Meet went live.

I did - thanks.

Hmm. Looking at the wiki, I have the success message in my journal [“You’ve delivered your last load.”] Weird. Maybe some bug related to having been carrying it 60 at a time? Oy veh.