Mysterious Failbetter tweets

For the last three days, FB have been tweeting seemingly random lore snippets, one a day:

&quotIf your fruit basket must contain a counterfeit head, please - make sure it’s counterfeit.&quot

&quotWhy fear sorrow-spiders? You’re not using your eyes when you sleep.&quot
&quotDon’t fault the urchins. It isn’t easy to believe in &quotan ‘uge fiery ball what just floats overhead, like a cloud of burnin’ bats.&quot

ETA: &quotIt was the writer, with the knife, in the last draft. Feared his editor, killed his darling.&quot

&quotNo lady should ever be out without her bonnet. Nor should any self-respecting gentleman be without his. Buy one from Maywell’s today.&quot

I wonder if this is just for flavour if it’s leading up to anything? Doesn’t seem Flint-related either…
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Intriguing, thanks for posting - build up to Neathmas maybe?

The first two I think are generally known lore, the last one is quite intriguing.

Oh, those little Neath-raised ragamuffins, incredulous at the wonders of the surface.

Incandescent masses of burning gasses… Pah! Judgement propoganda, that’s what that is!

Miasmas of incandescent plasmas, though…

…forget what you’ve been told in the past :-).

That thesis has been rendered invalid.

That’s a chilling thought - to someone born in the Neath, the Surface might as well be another world. Especially if they’ve met the Boatman, though I imagine they’d be sensitive to sunlight after a lifetime without exposure either way. And if they lack the resources to travel, and see the rest of the Neath… they’re going to live their entire lives in this dark, damp, squalid city.

And that… is probably why I insist on having at least one Orphanage in the Neath. The school of 'ard knocks is 'ard enough as it is. Those surface kids don’t know how good they have it.

I am not so familiar with the counterfeit heads in fruitbaskets… Sorrow-spiders a bit more so, and urchins are, well, urchins. The lively lovely beasties, full of secrets and mysteries.
I am not even a year into the game really, though I am a POSI, have a lovely Zubmarine, and some other lovely bits and pieces.
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It seems some who I will leave unamed over in the Continent have been isolated from the world above so long they foolishly doubt the very existance of the Surface.

The trend continues. Another tweet (edited in the original post)

That was the Gracious who said that, so it’s probably just Mithridate propaganda, designed to confuse you.