"Mysterious Benefactor" - Question [Spoilers]

Hello All!

I have a question about the &quotProtégé of a Mysterious Benefactor&quot Story. I´m new to the game and started a character with persuasion as a main and watchful as secondary attribute, when the choice came up what item to choose I took the Mirror Polished Shoes to increase the secondary stat, now the benefactor for watchful showed up (as could have been expected… somehow I didn´t think that far ^^)

My question is: if I send him away, is it possible for this storyline to come up again or can I reinitiate it somehow so I can choose the item (and benefactor) for persuasion? Or does he just leave with the shoes and that´s it?

Thanks for the help!

I think you will just loose the item, but I’m not completely sure.
iirc, you can only take another path after finishing the story and then using fate.

Personally, I would stick with the benefactor you have; the Mirror-Polished shoes are one of I think only two Boots that improve Watchful.

You can change your benefactor, but the one you’ve chosen is the best simply because the gifts of all the other benefactors can be improved upon with items purchased from the bazaar. The shoes from the Watchful benefactor are the ‘best in slot’ watchful item, except for one other item that was given out briefly last Christmas. We might get them again this year, but I’d still go with the shoes.