My Myrrh-Scented Roses disappeared?

I started the Once-Dashing Smuggler’s story some time ago and, obviously, gained the 50 roses. The last related storylet I had with him was Watching the Shroom-Hopping, which means I had 45 or 46 roses back then. Today I was looking through my Curiosities category and found out that I had only 1 rose left - which is probably why I haven’t heard from him in a long while as I now realise.
Afaik they aren’t used anywhere, so I have no idea where they could go. Do they really wither away like the description suggests?

The roses track progress through his story, withering away as you progress. Iirc having one rose indicates you rejected or betrayed him and he broke ties. You can visit him on a card in the Tomb-Colonies and make amends.

There’s various points in the story where you can offend him and he leaves. In fact I think it has to end with him leaving. You get dropped down to one rose when this happens.

If you go to the tomb colonies, theres a card that lets you continue it a bit more, and get some more roses.

I’m pretty sure going through the entire storyline can end with him leaving on a more positive note, setting you to two roses.

Weird…I’ve got three.

The cad still never called me… :P

I did not know that! Maybe I’ll head out to the Tomb Colonies and see what I can do.

I vaguely recall that something odd happened as I was finishing the Smuggler’s story–maybe I clicked too fast and failed to read a screen, or maybe FBG’s server hiccuped at the wrong time–I’m not sure. But I would like to see whether I could find him again.

I’m pretty sure at least one option of parting nicely and seeing him off to Tomb-Colonies leaves you with three roses. But still I rather miss him - good to know there’s potential for more story! Thanks for that info.

If the wiki is correct, then:

  • At several points, if you offend/reject the smuggler, then your Myrrh-Scented Rose count drops to one and you won’t ever see him again.[/li][li]Otherwise, at some point he’ll have to return to the Tomb-Colonies. You can either refuse to see him off (sets your Rose count to 2), or spend time with him (sets your Rose count to 3).[/li][li]Later, in the Tomb-Colonies, if you have a Rose count of at least 2, you can meet him again. If your count was exactly 2 (i.e. you didn’t see him off when he left) you can assuage your guilt, and you’ll regain an extra Rose. If your Rose count is 3, you can spend time together.

The thing is that, I as I said, the last storylet related to him I’ve played was Watching the Shroom-Hopping. I never even had an option to reject him, moreover I wouldn’t do that

Fascinating - I hadn’t noticed that there’d be a difference in the number of Myrrh Scented Roses. Siana does miss the adventures they shared together… And likewise, personally I’d like to see him back in London again!