My Heart's Desire and the dreaded Mr. Eaten

I find myself with a bit of a conundrum. Having terrorized a sixth player into the Marvelous, I now require my seventh and final participant. There are three avenues which I might utilize to entice it’s involvement. The one that intrigues me most is the one that leads NORTH. Sadly, this avenue requires that I have been Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name, content locked in vaults so deep and lightless that they cause the locked doors beneath the palace weep in shame and envy. All I’ve been able to find hinted at a return of that most horrible and nihilistic of quests some time last year but, as I cannot find it in game, I assume it is still tucked safely away where it cannot hurt anyone ever again. So my question is this:

How long will I need to put off my Marvelous card game so that I might bring in my seventh player in the most hideous way possible?

We don’t know. It’s definitely going to return, but when that happens isn’t known by anybody at this point, not even Alexis.

I’m waiting right there with you, yo. Hoping + Praying for a Reckoning.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get a nice/nasty surprise next Hallowmas or something!

While the Mr Eaten content is likely years away from beginning anew, I don’t imagine a new Heart’s Desire update any time soon either.
If you have the willpower to let the storylet sit there untouched, there’s no harm in it.

Well, I suppose if there’s not much mechanical difference, I may just blow something up instead.

Not me. Mechanically similar or not, this is the closest I’ve got to getting new SMEN content in a long time. D**ned if I’ll pass it up. I just saw the Ambition storylet today, now I’m working on raising my nightmares.

Impossible Theorem time! :-D