My first impressions

Hello, I just found this game couple of days ago and I wanted to share my thoughts about it. I gotta say I’m very impressed! Never played anything like it. It’s a great combination of couple of my favorite genres. I like how survival, story telling and rogue-like elements are combined in the game and how it has a mysterious, spooky flavor to it. This game is very &quotdifferent&quot and has very interesting story to it. I still have to figure out how did the world turn into sunless sea and what’s on the surface…

The gameplay is quite nice, provision system is satisfying and enjoyable. But I quickly ran out of money to support my expeditions in my first try. After couple of tries I found one source that provides relatively bigger reward and can be run repetitively to support the expenses of provisions for a distant exploration. Not sure if it can last for long though.

One thing that seemed not very balanced for me was the shipyard. It seems that there are couple of options of what ship to sail but switching to a new ship is quite a pleasure, while there are not a lot of benefits from doing so. At least it is my impression.

The most important point I want to make is that after exploring enough territory it feels slow from time to time to reach certain destinations. I don’t know how hard it would be but I think it would improve the experience a lot if there was an &quotx2&quot and maybe &quotx4&quot option along &quotpause&quot and &quotresume&quot so that you could double the time passed ingame and reach the destination faster.

Otherwise, enjoying the game a lot. There are so much to explore.

Big fan

[li]It’s sounds like you’re well on your way to some lucrative trades – the stories will keep getting better and better as you explore more of the map.
[li]Make sure you’re getting port reports for the admiralty with each place you visit, too – they’re be worth quite a lot of fuel in the long run.

[li]Good luck. ;)

well, the information about how the sunless sea came to be, and what london is doing down there can be found on fallen london, the original game. it’s a browser-based game, so it’s more just lore and a lot more waiting to get actions to do anything, but it’s pretty cool. you might want to check it out, or read some lore posts ( has some really good ones).
I think the developers mentioned the game being slow as being a point they want to make, so I would recomend getting the object for your ship that prevents explosions, it can be bought in fallen london, so you can go full power all the time.
and I totally agree with the ship upgrades thing.

Thanks for the info. I used to have lights almost 100% of the time on. Only lately I learned that that’s quite a waste of fuel and a little bit of terror is not a big trouble XD

I always get the reports for the fuel. Initially I thought they were the main source of currency but apparently main benefit is fuel from them. I explored the bigger part of the map and it seems some storylines require a lot of resources so I’m trying to stock up some currency. In my last play I did the Salt Lions storyline ending up cutting my biggest trade route…

I came across the browser-based version too but I’m not much into that style. I may come back to it from time to time for the lore maybe. But I really enjoy the gameplay of downloaded version.

That’s a good idea to about going full power all the time but, I don’t know, it feels like fuel consumption is going to be much higher this way. I can’t yet afford the expenses.

…There’s an option for upgrading the living place in Fallen London but there’s not much info mentioned about what change does it bring. Is it just a ‘wealth thing’ or does it bring some benefits?
And options like allowing zailors to the shore of Iron Republic with completely negative description (costs you echoes and all it can do is cause some terror), are they options that you should always ignore or do they open up some storylines or something?