My exile to the surface is ended. Where am I?

About two and a half years ago I had to leave the wonders of the 'Neath due to hardware restrictions. Today I decided to download the iOS app and venture forth once more. Upon arrival I found myself presented with many choices to make regarding my character and progress. I struggle to remember all that has transpired, all options available to me that were available when I left, and am clueless as to what has been added in the meantime apart from more Ambition content. I seem to remember exploration of the Forgotten Quarter, Authorship, Salons, and Knife-and-Candle being among the newest features, but I don’t remember much about how they worked, or even if I had advanced as I far as I could/was interesting in those areas.
Is anyone willing to give me a quick tour around the place to get me back on my feet?

Thanks, in advance.
edited by Eric Schwenke on 5/7/2016

I also seem to have been offered a sip of Hesperidian Cider from Nigel Overstreet 20 days ago, but find that I cant accept it. I missed my chance? What did I miss out on?

Many of the more recent changes are polishing and streamlining existing content rather than adding new stories, iirc. However that’s in just the last year or so and there’s likely quite a bit new since you left. You might want to look into the ongoing conversion of Connections to Favours and Renown for one thing; and season two of Knife and Candle just ended a few weeks ago and it is now on hiatus.

From authorship, do you mean writing short stories? Or the profession?
Beyond that, salons are a nice way to build making waves, so you can get and maintain notability. Notability will let you into the higher professions, and is sometimes exchanged for high value items.
Knife and Candle has been put on hiatus, and will come back with different mechanics so don’t worry about it.
The forgotten quarter is mostly used for archeological expeditions. Just do the basic ones to build up that quality so you can do the more profitable ones. The highest one is the cave of the nadir. It is…nice(?). It’s useful to have it.
Nigel sent that to everyone on his list to see who is active and who isn’t. You may need to re-add him, that could be causing the problem.
(I can’t really figure out where you are, so I just went over the basics)
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An hour ago or so, Nigel was somewhere where he couldn’t hand out cider (I know because I also had that message and was also unable to accept it). I just successfully accepted it, so it might be worth trying again.

Welcome back, Eric! We can never have too many goat-farmers down here… ;)

The most obvious change from two years back would be that Exceptional Friendship is now working as a subscription, with a complete new story every month!

In that case, you might think about choosing the lowest-level options on many or all of those choices – that would allow you to replay much of the early-game content, a lot of which has been restructured and polished anyway.

To see which new stories might be available to you, just talk to the local Gossip at your Lodgings… ;)

^ This is particularly good advice. ^_^

I should have done this, but unfortunately I reasoned that since I remembered Going through the Labrynth of a Tigers, Mahogany Hall, etc. I should pick those options. Oh well. I think the main things I’ve forgotten about are those storylines tied to inventory items, because those are more or less hidden. I know I’ve done the Cave of the Nadir, and have some purple clothing to show for it. I had a payment for writing waiting for me, and have my own fan club. There are more advanced professions? How do I get them? Do they just become apparent once I’m notable enough?

If you have any Notability, you’ll sometimes draw the card An Unsigned Message, which allows you to upgrade your profession if you have enough. It doesn’t actually cost the Notability though, it’s just a threshold. If you’re an Author you’ll need Notability 5 among things to advance to the currently-highest tier.

How do I solve a Case? I’ve gotten over a 100 progress points, but haven’t seen an option to solve it yet. Do I need to go home?

You want the “Pursue your current Case” storylet in Ladybones Road.