My 10 year old son's bug report:

He’s been watching me play Sunless Sea and begged me to let him play. So I explained the basics to him and let him sail around the Unterzee for a little. His very first comment was: &quot’Help me, All at Sea?’ should be 'All at Zea?&quot.

He made me promise to submit a bug report on that, so here it is.[li]

Also, he LOVES running out of supplies and using the crew up. He thinks that’s hilarious. So…yeah, someone should probably submit a bug report on my parenting…


On a side note, although I did love using kittens as silencers in Postal when I was little, I have yet to purposefully commit a single slaughter to this day.

Make sure to e-mail it in! :)

Parenting - you’re doing it right!

My 11 month old is too young to play herself, but she has been enjoying watching me. Start 'em young.