Music...wha...from where?

This is the weirdest creepiest thing. I have the beginning of a world that I just threw together to test something. I haven’t touched it in a long time. It’s &quotIn Progress&quot but small enough not to appear on the site. Tonight I clicked through just to see what’s up and if I want to continue it…[li]

And … someone has added music to the first storylet hosted in a dropbox. I’ve never heard this music. Nor did I even know how to do music back when I made this world. I’m a little freaked out.

That’s pretty weird. (And kind of hilarious.) What does the music sound like?

(Do you remember you first tried out my musical code by copy pasting a link to my dropbox? The example I was using is like a marimba thing. I think. Is it that?)

Failing that, ask FB if they’re trolling you? (Although that seems a little obscure, doesn’t it?)

I bet that’s it. I probably threw it in to test and promptly forgot. It was scarily weird though.