Music from mobile versions.

im new here and i dont know where to post. if i posted in the wrong place i apologize and mods may move this to the correct place.

so anyway, in mobile versions of fallen london (im on ios). there is music in the game as part of the atmospheric experience. it gives some life into the game and appropriate feeling on what youre doing (ladybones road theme is mysterious and spite gives tenseful feeling).

now. there is an official Fallen London OST. instead of the name of the location the music is played (ex: Spite’s theme is NOT called &quotSpite&quot), the OST gives names to the music. the name of the music doesnt appear in the game so i have a hard time finding which music is played on which location.

also, the music from the mobile version is different than the one in the OST. the differences is obvious. the mobile version is more atmospheric and melodical while the OST version is more &quotComplete&quot for standalone listening. i prefer the mobile version more and there is nowhere on the internet i can listen to them (other than playing the game itself). for example, the tenth music in the OST, &quotCarnival at Midnight&quot(Veilgarden’s theme) i can find the difference easily (though i cant list them without being overly specific).

the last is maybe only me. but maybe some music in the mobile version is missing in the OST. notable ones are Forgotten Quarter and Wolfstack Docks. maybe i cant find them or there really is isnt in the OST.

again, im new here so i may not be correct or anything but i hope you can answer or clarify my questions above.
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Yeah, the in-game music would be great to have elsewhere. I think Sunless Sea had the same ‘problem’. The OST was more complete, while the in-game soundtrack was atmospheric. Maybe there’ll be an official release, but I’m almost tempted to just record the in-app music myself and post it somewhere.

well, if you actually do that. can you PM it to me ?. i dont know whether its allowed or not to redistribute the music regardless whether its OST or Ingame. its nice to see an official statement about this problem.

i recently unlocked the flit and it seems the music for the flit is not in the OST too. i also have a day trip to the university and dissapointed it has the same music as ladybones road (The Embassy Waltz). i also emailed failbetter games regarding this problem and have yet to recieve a reply.

BTW sorry for double-posting but since the time gap is long and the point of the post is different from the previous one. i think this deserves a different new post.

People did some figuring out of what locations had what music shortly after the app launched. Most locations should have their music in the OST; the other music should be from the Sunless Sea OST.

well, that helps about the problem of figuring out which music plays in which location. but it still doesnt solve the problem of different version of the same music from the mobile version. Carnival at Midnight has the most obvious change, the Mobile version has the whole cover melody removed from the OST version.

still no reply from the email.

well. i got a response from the email. they say its true that the mobile version music is missing and they say the mobile music are not available.

well. lets close the case.