Mushroom Wine...

… is a real, makeable thing, wouldn’t you know.

Anyone happen to come across it in their travels? Been brave enough to try, or even craft one’s own?
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I saw a recipe online once and the author said it is actually decent and similar to grape!

yes, this game is strangely plausible at times…

Mushroom Wine
What? A mushroom wine. Brilliant clear yellow. It tastes almost like a conventional white wine made from grapes.
How? Cook & liquidise 1 kg of normal edible mushrooms until they are rendered down to a blackish slimy mass. Put it in the demijohn, add water & follow the basic recipe.
Why? After finding some people unexpectedly liked the chocolate wine, I was determined to make a really outrageous wine. Mushrooms were selling very cheap in the local market so I made a mushroom wine expecting it to be foul black in colour and musty tasting. I was surprised when it came out a clear elegant yellow and not very bad flavoured. I’ve even had a friend who did not notice this wine was not a normal white grape wine until told.

apparently, the Koreans are quite fond of Mushroom Wine, too:
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Dunno… It may be possible, but why drink mushroom wine tasting like conventional white whine when you can drink a (very) good white wine (I’m talking the likes of Greco di Tufo or Vermentino here)?

Well, if you can get a drinkable white wine at your first attempt at making it, maybe with practice and selection you can produce very interesting tastes? Or, perhaps, if your city had been sold to a shadowy subterranean cabal of batlike businesscreatures, it might be your only option!

Not macht erfinderisch.