''Murder a sun'' SPOILERS for FL Lore.

I think I’ve seen something weird about the kick starter trailer that others may not have noticed, people who have gone deeply into the lore know that the Judgments are the stars, deciding what is and what is not. It says that and then appears to show a planet exploding, so what is up with that.
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edited by Lord Alexander Alderman on 10/8/2017

Target practice.

Seems the Empress is jumpstarting the Liberation of Night. That said, I’m pretty sad that the Bazaar loses the one she loves.

Some speculation:

She’s killing the Sun to be able to bring her children into the High Wilderness. Or maybe at the behest of the Masters.

The Judgements dictate and enforce natural laws. If a Judgement dies, everything built on its laws will be destabilized, and some of those things will fall apart.

This makes me wonder if the Axiles had to flee their home because its Judgement died.

This makes me wonder if the Axiles had to flee their home because its Judgement died.[/quote]

Flukes just hated living on Axile. Nothing to do with judgements, as far as we know.

Yeah, I’m kind of sad The Chain of Being just got smashed to bits.
I mean, I get the revolutionaries don’t like how the Judgements running things, but sticking it to The Man and shooting The Man are kinda a little bit different things.

Now, I wonder what happen to the other powers on planet Earth besides England. What’s their take on this cosmic cataclysm?
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To clarify: The Sun that was conquerered was not our Sun. Albion isn’t our solar system. Avid Horizon is a wormhole to far away in the universe, and we will not be finding Earth in this game. There’s so far no reason to expect our Sun to be in any different of a situation or state of health than it is in 1895.

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