Multiple characters WITHOUT merciful mode?

So I’m having a bit of an issue: currently I have three characters – one is on merciful mode has for testing purposes (trying to re-create bugs, etc), but my other two are not. I started a second &quotmerciless&quot character to see how a new character might fare with a fresh start instead of using my old characters’ (rather substantial) legacies, but now I can’t get my old character back!

For some reason, I can’t seem to switch between two characters who don’t have access to manual saves. My one and only active character who DOES use manual saves is easily accessed by the main menu (I can load the save slot that shares his name) but if I have two separate characters that aren’t on merciful mode, I can’t differentiate between the two of them – only the autosave has access to whichever I played most recently (if I understand correctly).

This may be a foolish question, but how do I have two characters that aren’t on merciless mode? If I start a new &quotfresh start&quot character will it forever replace my old one?


~ Rutherby
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You’d have to copy the save file for the character not in use to another directory for safekeeping, and then switch them around, I think.

In other words, you can but its more trouble than its worth at the moment.

I do think the implementation of Unforgiving Mode could be improved a little. Having character slots, with separate savegame folders, would be one good improvement, for precisely this reason. Having Unforgiving Mode be opt-in at character creation, rather than opt-out once gameplay has started, would be another.

I actually like your idea for character slots. Currently, the game appears to have only an autosave feature, which is re-written whenever any character is played. So, based on these responses, it appears a second character wouldn’t be possible without turning off Unforgiving mode.

Character slots would fix that. ^^:
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