Mt Nomad strategies?

I hadn’t touched Sunless Sea since before steel, and while I’ve more or less adapted to the new combat (sneak up, fire both guns, lights on, full speed astern for monsters / stay behind ships), albeit with a very strong ship funded by cheats, I have no idea how to handle Mt Nomad. My usual firing-while-backpedaling doesn’t seem to cut it, its ranged attack is just scary strong, so I’ve been fleeing from it and avoiding combat.

Any advice? Bite the bullet and tough it out, hoping i kill it faster than it kills me? Should i upgrade to a dreadnought so i can soak the damage better? Be sneakier to avoid getting hit at all? Maybe try a rear-mounted gun to fire while keeping it further away? Are uberguns like Memento Mori (or Icarus in Black, gods help me) the only feasible way to kill it fast enough?

There’s actually a couple of videos on Youtube of people killing Mount Nomad with very basic, OHKO-able equipment. Interestingly, if NiteBrite’s test stream with the Lorn-Fluke, was any indication, these two players employed completely different strategies.

I’ll have to try that snuggling method.

I try to fight it near Avid Horizon and use the fact that docking for a short while means it loses interest. But I do have Blue Scintillack and am in a frigate so get at least two shots in before it notices me again.

Ooo, interesting, thank you!

I had no idea anything like that snuggling strategy from the second video was possible, hah.

By the way docking at the Chapel of Lights doesn’t always work as sometimes Mt Nomad crushes you against the dock but, fortunately, it doesn’t fit into the docking circle at Avid Horizon.

Oh I don’t know about that, I’ve been caught in the Horizon while it played ping pong with my ship, only time I’ve ever lost with a dreadnought against it…

You have to be very sneaky and don’t forget to dock. When you undock turn your light off straight away and make sure that Mt Nomad is facing away from you and move forward just far enough to be able to engage, click the Scintillack, fire and be ready to reverse and dock again if Mt Nomad moves toward you. If you are lucky your firing solution might recharge enough to get another shot in. Repeat until it is defeated.

I kind of hope FBG discovers these meta strategies and buffs nomad appropriately (so I can have fun finding new methods to fight). Maybe making nomad deadly to the touch and giving it an aft weapon to go with its forward scream and deck charge could be fun haha.

I think part of the problem is zee beasts can’t charge without having some distance between you and them?

At least that’s what it seems like.

But also mount nomad really should be able to hit you anywhere with SOMETHING since even like 10 damage every 4 seconds would stop a tramp steamer from hugging it to death.

But yeah I easily did the death snuggle strategy with a starting captain and a hellthrasher provided by stealing the blind bruisers commission money so…
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As impressed as I was with the defeat of nomad by the dinner table, it should never have happened, I personally think Nomad should be twice as hard and twice the speed, with no blinds spots to sit in, it should be the pinnacle of things to fight on the sea, and there should not be a way for smaller and weaker ships to defeat it. It’s the equivalent of Ahab going out after Moby Dick in the whaling raft, epic, but misguided…

The dinner table one actually bothered me less,since it takes a high amount of veils. Firing a couple shots and then running away seems like a reasonable strategy to support if your veils is high, and it takes a reasonable amount of knowing what you’re doing to do it with the dinner table.

The hugging it to death can be done with a brand new captain with basically no investment beyond fuel and finding Void’s Approach. And it’s just absurd, and really easy to do.

Plus that same strategy works on basically anything short of dreadnoughts

An easy way to discourage death-hugs would be to make lifebergs and Mt Nomad do contact damage. After all, your hull gets damaged for as long as it’s in contact with land and one is in any degree of motion relative to the other, doesn’t it?

That works for me, but I also think that the amount of damage that it does to you should be done in return to it, after all, no free hits :)

(And I like the idea of a Thunderchild style death of glory strike on mount nomad…

Yeah, but I figure its “skin” is probably tougher than your wee boat’s. Unless you have the Dreadnought, perhaps. New stat, “Dreadnought: +1 Impermeability”

Nah i doubt a dreadnought is tougher than Mount Nomad.

Anyway one problem with making stuff to much more complicated for hard strategies is they’ll be too difficult for people who don’t know optimized strategies and have exceptionally good loadouts.

I don’t think that’s as big a concern for Mount Nomad since like, it’s Mount Nomad, and really if you are stuck you can always use Icarus in Black.
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