Mr Stones Plush I sewed

I already posted this on Tumblr but i’m proud of it so i’m posting this hear too, if this doesn’t belong here let me know and i’ll delete it!

This is obviously unofficial fanart, Fallen London is owned by Failbetter Games

Way to go, Tomblion! I love it!

Thank you!!

Mr Stones never looked any cuter.
The little pearls wrapped around him are a nice detail.

I never knew Masters were so adorable! Wonderful work!

Thanks guys! :D

I always love to see the creativity of Fallen London’s fan base, especially of the non-word variety. Very well done, Bitty! I hope you treat us to more of your creations if the spirit moves you! =D

Thanks <3

I really like the removable strand of pearls and blanket. But where are his wings? I thought the Masters were all bat-like in form, including wings they use their blanket-like cloaks to hide.

Those things on the side of him are supposed to be wings (i’ll admit they didn’t come out how i wanted them too, they look more like weird hands) I didn’t make them too big so they could fit under the cloak, since felt isn’t that stretch-able