Mr. Sacks - Day 9

&quot… His robe is the colour of salt, and his hood is trimmed with red fox-fur…&quot

This was an excerpt from Day 9 of Mr. Sacks … a black border.

I’d like to point out that we know there are no foxes in the neath…

Have no fear! He only wishes to show his gratitude for all of the wonderful Christmas Cards we’ve been sending him!

Huh. Someone with more Lore knowledge: where is the fox from?

I thought I’d read that content relating to him was currently retired: how is it that black-bordered cards are still active? Was it the same card last year?

Eaten is retired, Sacks comes every year.

By the by, now is the opportunity to collect an extra pail of snow from he who has so often been consumed.

For myself, as tempting as it was to acquire yet another pail with which I could force down another primate’s throat, I instead decided to part with a few of my tentacled appendages for a more valuable snippet.
edited by Red Herring on 1/3/2016

No screenshots of Fate-locked content, please. The mantelpiece link is fine.

Speaking of sending things to Mr Eaten, Mr Kennedy has still not accepted my Sacksmas gift. I feel rebuffed.

– Mal