Mr Sacks Cards

Is there a way to pull Mr Sacks cards more often I’ve only gotten the first card, and that was five days of regular checking ago. It’s honestly quite frustrating.

Since you’ve already played the first card, the rest will become pinned storylets after the 14th, I believe. Else, the only way is to increase the number of chances to draw the cards by continually refreshing your deck.

As long as you have drawn the 1st Mr Sacks card, you are safe. I am going from my experience in previous years. You see, I am waiting for “the pinned Mr Sacks storylet that you can access anywhere in London after the twelve days of Christmas have gone” to come into being. My reason is the same as yours, i.e. supreme bad luck in getting more Mr Sacks cards. The event which I mentioned above is simply this – At some point after the twelve days of Christmas (usually around Epiphany or the day after aka 6th-7th January), Mr Sacks cards no.2-12 will be in a pinned storylet that you can play anywhere so long as as you are in London in-game. You will see 1 storylet, and just clicking it will trigger Mr Sacks Day 2 and you will have options to choose from. After that, the storylet will take you to Day 3 and so on until you complete all the Mr Sacks options.

If you’re unlucky with drawing the cards, and want to finish the storyline quickly (i.e. to get a Noman at the cheapest price) you can always try refreshing the card deck. The fastest way is flash lays at two actions for a deck refresh, but requires the Renown: Bohemians 10 item.